About Limder

About Us.

A group of young like-minded people all committed to create a product that would revolutionize the way businesses that are engaged in multi-channel platform selling deal with its orders and stocks.


The idea around Limder began way back from a project in the Japanese eCommerce software company that Chris, a founding member was a former employee. It started with that company’s client having an Amazon and eBay stores on top of the store that was managed by the company.

“The client was having a hard time managing the stocks and orders per store.” It was then decided that a feature must be developed to allow synchronization of order data from multiple stores.

While spearheading the project, Chris recognized the intricacy of the development and the responsibility of handling order and stock data. To be able to support future clients, additional features such as product listing, dedicated customer support, and market trends derivation algorithms must be developed.

Realizing the complexity and talent it will take to develop such software, creating a new organization was inevitable.

Thus, the conception of Limder.

To give our customers the maximum reach by allowing them to sell products to every marketplace available under the sun.

To be the company that removes the borders of selling in the E-commerce industry.

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of developers

People who came from different walks of life but are bounded by their striking similarity in having a vision to break the borders of selling online.